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Italjet have just announced a stunning new colourway for the new Dragster

Italjet have just announced a stunning new colourway for the new Dragster
04 Mar
Written by Bobby Beck

Will you be changing your order?

Italjet have just announced a stunning new colourway for the new Dragster but this time it's only available to people who have placed pre-orders, adding a very exclusive version of the new Dragster in a colour scheme that won't be available again.

The new black and gold version, in our opinion, is stunning and is very befitting of an exclusive limited run bike. Also added to the mix is some new decals which set the first edition apart from the normal production models.

For those that have already placed pre-orders, you will have the opportunity to change to the new colourway or stick with your original choice, the exception being the Orange, Italjet has chosen not to produce this version due to it proving the least popular of the original three choices. While I know a few people will be upset by this hopefully you can understand why Italjet has taken this decision and pick one of the other three choices.

Pre-order customers should have already had an email with a form to request a colour change and it's very straight forward, please follow this process to request a colour change and do not contact your local dealer.

When you thought the new Italjet Dragster couldn't be any more eye-catching the Italians have pulled it off and made sure even more heads will be turning when the new Dragster hits the streets this summer.

Will you be changing your order to the new never to be repeated colourway

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